Natural Stone

At Ceramic Tiles we have access to most natural stones available and our suppliers are careful to ensure they supply only first grade quality stone to ensure consistency of colour, tone and finish. Like most things natural, stone is available in several grades so even though it is called the same name quality control is paramount. Natural stone is beautiful and unique and comes in limitless sizes from small mosaics to large slabs and in finishes from highly polished to a honed silky finish to natural mat. Natural stone is more complicated than porcelain or ceramic. Being a natural product many stones require sealing and maintenance throughout their life to maintain their beauty and often fixing costs are higher due to the careful handling stone requires.

In recent years tile manufacturers have developed digital printing techniques which have allowed them to produce tiles in a way that almost identically produces the look and variance of each piece of stone or wood on a porcelain tile which means they do not require the initial and ongoing maintenance and care natural stone requires. In many cases porcelain tiles are also harder wearing so over time they continue to look in perfect condition as they are less prone to scratching or marking.

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